The store manager should have an advanced concept of readiness

The ancient good use of the soldiers, ignoring their ability to win. Inventory is enough? What are the gifts? What are the staff? This is the store manager's war preparations.

"Everything is forewarned, not forewarned." If you have the right to prepare, you can avoid it. In the process of daily management, the store manager needs to pay attention to whether the source of goods, personnel, and promotional materials are available, so as not to become a factor that restricts the realization of sales. This is especially true for major holidays.

First, with the development of Chain enterprises, there are more and more cases in the same city, more than one store, and even more than one city. However, the current chain enterprises lack corresponding design in the procurement management technology, especially the safety stock equivalent design. Standards and technology, while selling, technical out-of-stock phenomenon has become more and more prominent, resulting in successful transactions, the number of transaction failures is increasing, causing serious dissatisfaction with consumers.

A study conducted jointly by Roland Berger and the China Chain Association showed that out-of-stocks have become an invisible killer of the image of a chain of companies; sales losses due to out-of-stocks have exceeded 15%; customers’ shop-to-store rates have reached 37%, resulting in The loss of customer loss is even more difficult to estimate. Therefore, we attribute the former elements of combat readiness to: The store manager should act as the staff of the source organization, provide source monitoring information, and assist the purchasing department to make reasonable orders.

Second, the role of promotional items in the chain store sales process is becoming more and more prominent. However, the distribution of promotional items in chain enterprises is mainly inclined to the core storefront. The promotional items that can be distributed by surrounding community stores are often “premature”; likewise, the factory The promotional items are also “saving the poor and not saving the poor”, and often “killing the poor and getting rich”, and tilting the advantage promotion resources to the strong stores. In this case, the store manager has to consider the issue of “gifts and gifts”. It should be known that the difficulty of dealing with weak chain stores is actually much larger than that of strong stores. If the resources of promotional materials are even worse, then the business performance of the store can be imagined.

Third, when the store manager reviews the combat readiness, he also needs to consider a more important factor, that is, "there is no one." Due to the sharp increase in the number of chain stores, the number of factory promoters has also increased dramatically. However, the establishment of factory promoters is limited. If the factory does not meet the sales requirements, the factory will not be equipped. The promoters are either temporarily equipped with a promoter and later the project is used for other purposes.

Another problem is that if the chain store's customer power is general, the stronger the promoter's ability, the more likely it is to stay, because in the case of insufficient number of customers entering the store, the transaction rate is higher, the sales volume is limited, and the promoter's commission is also Extremely limited, thus causing the promoter team to be unstable. We often see that the chain stores can basically be put in place before and after the opening of the business. After a period of opening, there are fewer and fewer promoters, and there is a large-scale "empty cabinet" phenomenon. Therefore, the energy of many chain store managers is not how to carry out personnel management, but to solve the problem of whether there are people available. In this regard, at present, there is no direct and effective solution for various chain enterprises, and there is no courage to use all of their own personnel and strong men to break their wrists. However, as a store manager, the store manager is not doing nothing. The experience of most chain store managers I have met is “to move people with emotions”. By establishing good personal feelings with factory promoters, creating an atmosphere of affection, and then encouraging, cheering, etc. Ways to lead the team out of the woods and improve performance.

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