Red Bessie "track" 2011 spring summer new product launch spokesperson Sun Yue portrait singing

Red Bessie "track" 2011 spring and summer new product release

On September 24, 2010, Red Bell "Trajectory" 2011 spring and summer new product launch was held. Red Bell Women's brand spokesperson famous singer Sun Yue, dealers from across the country and the major mainstream media gathered in Dongguan, shared the appreciation of the Red Belle ladies fashion, exquisite spring and summer new catwalk.

Red Bessie "track" 2011 spring and summer new product release

The theme of this press conference was "Trajectory". The inspiration for the design came from the spring sun warm through the panes. It mapped out the mottled abstract light and shadow, and the sun's debris revealed the dreamy atmosphere of the city. Mainly in neutral neutral shades, complemented by light, soft, elegant colors to create a strong contrast. The rich print pattern becomes a key element. The use of pleated lacquer, exquisite sequin details, three-dimensional top-bead embroidery, hand-knit crocheting, and floral silk are all examples of fashion, classics, and feminine femininity. .

Liao Rong, General Manager of Red Belle Women's Wear Brand, Sun Yue, Brand Ambassador, and Xu Weidong, Secretary General of Shenzhen Garment Association jointly initiated the press conference

Ms. Liao Rong, general manager and chief designer of Red Belle Women's Wear brand said in the speech: “In this conference, you can all see the strengthening of Red Bell's efforts in product R&D and the capital for product research and development. With investment, Red Bell will step into the fast lane of high-speed development, and will make a qualitative leap in enterprise management, product development, manufacturing, channel construction, brand promotion, and sales services. The company’s friends are responsible for paying and are willing to be responsible for the investment of all channel distributor friends and are willing to contribute to the Chinese women's apparel industry.” In the future, Ms. Liao Rong also said that she hopes that Red Bell is not just a clothing brand, but also a public platform with a complete and independent personality and a good public image.

Sun Yue, the spokesperson for the Red Bell Brand, sang

At the end of the press conference, Sun Yue, the spokesperson for the Red Belle brand, sang and sang her four new songs for the audience, once again pushing the atmosphere to the climax.

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