Calfit children's wear is an art

Carfit is wearing a kind of art, is a creation! During the summer vacation wearing Carrefied clothing and family to travel or other activities, leaving precious photos for photography, let us witness the child's growth! Karl Fitter "innocence to see the world" children's photography contest online voting contest October 15, 2010 formally began voting, as of November 15, 2010. Karl Fitter latest autumn, fashion, campus, cowboy style, with particular emphasis on childlike innocence, beautiful, romantic and fairy tale quality, unique in the industry. It can be said that you see a childlike, Reiki and stylish children come to you, then, he must be wearing a Calfit. Karl Buffet children's clothing in Guangxi hot investment! Foshan, Guangdong - the cradle of Chinese famous brand, the pride of Carlton - Foshan brand. Karl Fet Garments Co., Ltd. is located in China's children's clothing city - Foshan, Guangdong, is a collection product development, manufacturing, brand operations in one of the large children's wear enterprises. With a large R & D enterprises and production groups, after several years of hard work, already have a number of independent property rights brand, covering all areas of children's wear industry, is gradually becoming the leader in the children's wear industry. Its leading brand "Carl?" "Carlfit." From Europe's top children's wear brand. Guangxi Merchants Hotline: Contact: Mr. Li Address: New Century Commercial Port of Liuzhou City, East Second District, No. T109 Office Address: Liuzhou New Age Commercial Complex on the 13th floor, No. 13

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