The gorgeous turn from daily porcelain to Chinese painting porcelain

The gorgeous turn from daily porcelain to Chinese painting porcelain Located in Batuo Town, Boshan District, Shandong Futai Ceramics Co., Ltd. welcomes famous artists from all walks of life.

They swayed their paintings on the body of the clay to form a Chinese painting porcelain. Chinese painting porcelain has broken through the traditional pattern of painting on rice paper only for thousands of years, and inherited Chinese traditional culture in another gesture.

Guo Yao, Guoxue, Chinese painting, Guo porcelain. This is the latest eight-character concept of Forte. The paintings of Chinese paintings have been uploaded to the classics of Guoguo studies in Guoguo, and the traditional culture and modern techniques have been perfectly combined. Facing the fiery calligraphy and painting collection market, both ornamental and practical, the Chinese painting porcelain that is easy to preserve and easy to admire may have the top spot. , leading Futai to realize the gorgeous turn from daily porcelain to art porcelain.

The transformation transformed the 2010 Tao Bohui. Forte's bone china was officially authorized to use the “Zibo ceramics, contemporary kilns” geographical brand. One year passed. What did this brand bring to Forte?

“The eight characters seem to be simple, but the weight can not be estimated.” Futai chairman Su Xijing said straight to the point, the brand's selection has high standards and annual inspection, which urges enterprises to grasp product quality, do a good job in technology research and development And design, the brand recognized by the government is very combative, establish a good image for the company, do not promote, all over the country to book products.

“Fortei's daily-use porcelain is no longer an ordinary market, and all of it is a high-end product. Every kind of daily-use porcelain we make is an exquisite one, and it has a very high artistic value and collection value.” Taking the product as a work, each time Interview Su Xijing, he always put this sentence in his mouth.

This is what the Futai people said. Stepping into Forte's exhibition hall, it is like entering the art palace. The daily porcelain is crystal clear and exquisite, and a cup of glass inner bone porcelain is accompanied by the classic discourse of Confucius and Mencius, immediately demonstrating its artistic charm.

“At present, Zibo daily porcelain has been very good, and has shaped many influential brands in the country, but the development of art porcelain is still a short board of Zibo porcelain industry, and it is only too late to catch up.” Su Xijing said, short-term Means a great deal of space and potential, which means that this may be the breakthrough point of Zibo Porcelain's transitional structure.

In March of this year, the Municipal Committee clearly proposed the industrial thought of developing the ceramic glass industry as a cultural and creative industry. Su Taijing, chairman of Forte Ceramics, was keenly aware of the opportunities for transformation. He decided to integrate the Chinese painting and ceramics talents to realize the perfect combination of Chinese learning, national kiln and Chinese painting, and not only opened a new development for Zibo ceramics contemporary kiln. Space, more artists find new creative peaks in the new embryonic foundation.

In 2009, under the impetus of the municipal government, Forte and the University of Qingdao jointly established a work team to open the Forte arts and ceramics road. Today, Forte Ceramics has been a national artist and craftsman from Zibo. Choose 12 people to sign. From the second half of 2010, these masters successively signed a joint creation agreement with Forte Ceramics and began a three-year period of Chinese painting and porcelain creation. Forte Ceramics bought out all the ceramic works during the contract period of the master's contract at a high price to ensure the high end of the product. Uniqueness.

At the time of the interview, Forte Ceramics had just held a national-scale personal porcelain painting exhibition in the Henan Provincial Museum. The works on the site were from the famous landscape painting artist of Henan Province, Shi Xingkun and Futai Ceramics, and went to observe the national ceramic industry and the calligraphy and painting industry. People in the collection industry were shocked by the fact that the combination of Guo porcelain and Chinese painting opened up the space for art ceramics.

According to reports, Forte will also hold national tour exhibitions for other masters, and build brand names for companies and masters in the national art ceramics field in accordance with the market-oriented and brand-operating models. “This innovative form of cooperation and the art ceramics created The products will not only greatly promote Boshan, but also the adjustment of the entire industrial structure of Zibo."

The painter paints directly on the porcelain, and the requirements for color and porcelain are very high. Fortunately, Futai has already done his job to challenge these difficulties. Su Xijing said that Futai attaches great importance to the cultivation of talented people, and pays attention to the kind of porcelain, screen, and instrument type. Renovation and design, especially for the color pigment glaze developed exclusively by Forte, can almost satisfy all the artist's requirements for color. In the Forte exhibition hall, the reporter saw the work of Shi Xingkun's painter “blessing,” with smooth lines and bright colors.

According to the staff, this work is hand-pulled and has high technical requirements. Like this work, Forte Art Ceramic's new products strongly support the high starting point for the innovation and research of Forte Ceramics. The high white porcelain with a firing temperature of 1400 degrees and the extremely strong hand-pulled blank forming process on the ceramics, together with the use of the techniques of underglaze, bean color, underglaze, and pastels, have achieved a tradition. The perfect combination of craftsmanship and traditional culture, modern craftsmanship and modern culture form the biggest highlight of Forte Art Ceramics.

National Kiln, Chinese Studies, Chinese Painting, and Chinese Porcelain. The president of Futai Ceramics, Su Xijing, said that Futai’s goal is to do a good job in transforming from a traditional industrial enterprise to a new cultural industry, to do a good job of the “eight characters” and to achieve the perfect integration of Chinese culture and modern craftsmanship. The single model of the industry gradually transitions to fine-quality, literary, and high-end ceramic cultural products.

The Chinese painting porcelain is of type, color, and rhyme. Its artistic value is invaluable. It will undoubtedly become the darling of the calligraphy and painting industry and the collection industry and become the core competitiveness of the future market.

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